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Fake Plastic Heads - Music For Film - SD-017

Electronica production by Charles S. Kuzmanovic.

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Nikea Bustla - Clouds - SD-018

Post Dubstep EP with five trax

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Nikea Bustla - Clouds Remixed- SD-019

With remixes by Jean Blanc, Markus Masuhr, Daniel Lambert, Fake Plastic Heads,...

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Devas & Somnambule - Live Somewhere In The Solar Sytem - SD-020

115 min. drones and soundscapes track!

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Christian Fiesel - After The Flood - SD-021

VÖ: 09.12.13
Electronic ambient album!

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Christian Fiesel - Smile With An Ambience - SD-022

Exclusive ambient album for the Spheredelic anniversary by Mr.Fiesel!

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Christian Fiesel - Construction Time On Lunar Landscape - SD-023

Dark ambient album for the three years anniversary!

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Christian Fiesel - Signals For Fire - SD-024

24th release to to the 24th December!

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