Exthausiva - Road To Desert Trip - AD-111


Ambient from Argentina

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Spheredelic ist presenting a new record and the snow melts. Coincidence? We don't think so.

Because with the summer warmth that Esteban Cavalieri or Exthausiva radiates on his new album "Road to desert trip", the snow masses simply cannot stay where they are. It creates anticipation for the next summer and nostalgia for past ones.

 The Argentinian artist already brought us joy with a release in 2018 and is now continuing on his his journey. Back then the central focal point of the music was a sunset, now we travel together through the desert.

But we are not using roads or driving in a van but would rather let ourselves wander. Sometimes faster, sometimes slowly, sometimes just standing around in amazement, but always surrounded by breathtaking impressions. Psychedelic ambient pads merge with wonderfully organically produced white noises and result in an intense mind-expanding experience.

We let ourselves fall into a dream and feel the cold night air of the desert on our skin, but also the inner warmth that still remains in the body from the sun. Percussive samples are flowing through the stereo image, pulling us further into the atmosphere.

It is reminiscent of past warm summer nights, which seem surreal today, but it also gives hope to be able to experience these feelings again soon. There is sand everywhere, but it doesn't bother us. The soft minerals run pleasantly through our fingers and are carried away again by the wind. Dry scrubs rustle in the wind and go on their own hike together with the sand. The synthesizers are playing somber melodies, creating images of a dark night.

A look at the clear starry sky promises infinity and lets you dream of distant worlds. But if you just look around you will find these worlds in every corner of our planet, even in the places which are supposed to be empty.

At some point the sun rises again and the only thing that remains are our vanishing tracks in the sand.




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