Francesco Torelli - Limerick - SD-102


Experimental sounds from Italy
Keine Abbildung zugeordnet

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As the whole world slows down due to these surreal Covid-pandemic, we at Spheredelic don't remain inactive as well. Another release, of course for free as per usual, is in the pipeline, waiting to be heard!

Francesco Torelli is a sound afficionado, live performer, sound designer for motion pictures (be it movies or documentaries), and with his record Limerick he is telling us a story originating from musique concrète. 10 tracks in total, divided into 5 musical pairs which use identical sounds and themes, just layered differently, to emphasize the sounds themselves.

No synthesizer or such has been used, all natural sounds, mostly different materials, were either prerecorded and then transformed or added live while recording. Hence some moments on this recording do sound like disturbed sizzling, like a pile of leafs shuffled across an empty and silent moonlit street, yet somehow rhythmic structure emerges from this. Like water with gas, freshly poured into a glass, the bubbles dance according to some natural choreo hidden from most people. Cause many just hear some random white noise in this, yet others may recognize the strange work of a crazy foley artist in such soundscapes and call it music.

Musique concrète, to be precise...Read more


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