Hypnagogue - Shape Density - SD-105


Drones from Italy

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The new Spheredelic release is here to cool us down on the last few warm days of summer. Nicholas Medone, Italien based producer, takes us on a journey to mysterious places using his tape recordings and modified noise elements.

In a world which has become increasingly similar to a dystopian sci-fi thriller it makes sense that more and more musicians take inspiration from that. This is also the case on Hypnagogues "Shape Density". Field recordings sizzle, drip and crackle all around you while atmospheric pads drone in the background. The 5 tracks create several different pictures within the listeners mind:

"Channel Drift Pt. One" could be inside an abandoned natatorium, which has since been reclaimed by nature. Birds are flying through overgrown halls while condensed water drips down from the ceiling.

"Movements" might take place inside of an abandoned space station with some of the machines still humming, coolant dripping from broken pipes and distant sounds hinting at something still roaming around. What might be out there and would you want to meet it?

"Channel Drift Pt. 2" sounds like a scene from the inside of a nuclear power plant shortly after catastrophy. The fires are still smoldering and geiger counters are ticking away sporadically while the alarm is ringing tirelessly in the background. A place which will be uninhabitable for generations to come.

The use of singing bowls on "Klang" mixed with a sterile atmosphere evokes images of a crazed billionaires secret laboratory where he experiments with clones and replicants. Deep underneath the surface, unnoticed by the rest of the world. Read more...




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