IMPULSE - The key...for mankind...loving the diversity - SD-075


Experimental sound experience from Nuremberg

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IMPULSE - The key...for mankind...loving the diversity - SD-075 is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License..

This month we invite you to a journey into the unknown. The album titled "The key ... for humanity ... love diversity" is like an artistic collage in Medley-Style. It leads the listener through a gallery of different moods and generate a changebath of feelings.

During the total playtime of 48 minutes the interplay of pertinent samples and own compositions creates a diffuse twilight which would like to tell an undefined story. The listener is sometimes heavily strained to explore boundaries and to play with the imagination of the audience.

This album is the second release of the one-man-project "IMPULSE" out of Nuremberg. In the production the two musicians Maggot shoes (Bass, Guitar) and Sturmkind (Acoustic- Guitar) were as guests. The first album was released in 2012 with the title "Get on Bored!" released as an audio- cassette on the label "Deadmaster's Beat & Pale Dominion". Read more...


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