Jared Sagar - Sonnwave - SD-079


Experimental sounds from Great Britain

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Our first july release goes by the title of „Sonnwave“, the Artist, releasing under his real name, behind this is named Jared Sagar. In the beginning of his musical endeavors, he focused mainly on the sound and sample itself, before starting to modify them, tear them apart and rearrange them, to give each sound the exposure it needs. Hence, if we have to give his musical style a name, experimental/field recordings/ambient/drone/noise/micro sounds/electronica would be fitting.


For his record „Sonnwave“ Jared relied mostly on sounds that nature gave him, barely relying on classical instruments, no matter if classical or electronic ones, and created an ambient/field recordings/micro sound record. The focus is always on the sounds though, their structure, intensity, but also the silence in between. But sometimes, you also have to modify the sample to explore its full potential, the sound itself is the most important part in music anyhow, cause what is music without a proper sound? Is it even music then? What is music? And does this even matter? No, and with this attitude one should listen to „Sonnwave“, without the expectation of typical structures, so one can hear something new. Read more...


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01 - Sinet.ml

02 - Conac

03 - Blackdis

04 - Uxhe

05 - Xoirr

06 - Flib

07 - Mercuet

08 - Ntleb

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