L´OEil Céleste - Cosmic Chants Pt.1 - SD-016


Two 20 minutes drones und soundscapes trax from France.

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L´OEil Céleste - Cosmic Chants Pt.1 - SD-016 is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License..

Spheredelic presents its 16th release. This time it´s a French production by L´Oeil Céleste, titled "Cosmic Chants Pt. 1". The album includes 20 minutes long Drones and Soundscapes dragging you into higher spheres.

L'Œil Céleste is a project born in the end of 2011, created by Zyaama & Naksatra.

They take inspiration, for the name, from a shamanic stone, the Obsidian "Celestial Eye", which they are doing experiments with.  "After this, we learn several things from music and then, we never stop to search the good sound that can reveal our particular ambiances and musical themes."

For these tracks, they worked on planetary frequencies to induce in the listener the particular energy that deploys a stellar corpse, with help of binaural beats, that can put the listener in a special state of trance that can open particular doors in mind." Read more...


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