Michael Keith - David Sait - Boketto - SD-115


Ambient avant-garde with folk instruments

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Spheredelic brings you a feast for the ears again, because with us there is no summer

Multi-instrumentalist and philosopher Michael Keith and David Sait on the Guzheng enchant us with their new record "Boketto". The focus here is on the guzheng, a Chinese instrument with 21 strings, for which David even wrote his own vocabulary. 

On "Love in Lightforms" the plucked instrument sounds very meditative and throughout the album in general it sounds clear and bright, with plenty of room to unfold. You can hear the strokes of the individual notes in detail, which gives the overall product an organic quality. It also has a psychedelic effect on tracks like "Dahlinova Hypnotica", always supported by
Michael's electric slide guitar. The artists have known each other for many years and you can tell. Both instruments are completely in tune with each other. Michael's guitar is in the background and contributes longing sounds, some of which are similar to a violin, but have their own tonality. The guzheng sets the tone and is played in great detail, while the
electric guitar deepens the mood even more with elongated and accentuated notes.

On "Incessant Terrain pt. 1" the guitar takes over and plays melancholic tones that gently float away into the distance.

"Boketto" creates feelings of wanderlust, similar to looking at the ocean for a long time and imagining what could be on the other side. However, this does not result in hopelessness, but rather a certain thirst for action, a desire to discover the world. Read more...




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