mnogo chelovecheskih - control - SD-097


Experimentelles aus St. Petersburg

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Therefore we are sharing this present with all of you, and the basket reveals: the 7-track EP 'Control' by Leonid Shelukhin from St. Petersburg, released under his alias 'mnogo_chelovecheskikh'.

He describes the Motif, the universe in which this takes place, as a computer-ruled, dystopian future where the people are so numbed down by this overwhelming technology surrounding, they forgot to stop for a moment instead of rushing, how to admire the beauty of this wonderfully complex nature surrounding us. How to stay in control of yourself and aware of the moment, not led astray into oblivion by the machines...A lot of inspiration, not only for the music but also the booklet, has been the indietronic era of the '00s with bands like The Postal Service, The Notwist and Lali Puna, as well as russian folklore music from two centurys ago.

The Motif presents itself in the order and arrangement of the tracks, this discord between dystopian AIs and the eye of the beholder for the innate beauty of our nature. Harsh, dooming synthesizers switch places with a cheerful, yet glitchy campfiresong, breakbeats dream of electric organs, wobbling in tune with them, balalaika jam some jazz with gypsy violins soon joining in. And even in these brief moments of beauty the unwavering noise of the technological world sipps through the sound and distorts it, yet some times a harmony finds its way through this empire of CPUs and wires like a daffodil through concrete, just to give us a glimpse of the ever present beauty around us.

 Don't charge through live but hold still for a second, enjoy the smell of flowers in this urban jungle, this moment of beauty, of life. Read more...







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