Dark ambient from a deep crypt.

The project Nigromante was founded between 1997/98. The shadowy figure behind Nigromante is inspired by and operating in the most deteriorated graveyards of Guatemala Nigromante is to be listened to in the darkness of night, with pure candlelight, in order to feel the sound unleash specific emotions.  It is the music of graves and the next dimension aiming at a direct contact with the lost souls of those who wander between the next dimension and this one. Nigromante is UNIQUE, a medieval modern aura of necroespiritual compositions.

“Profundidades” MMXVI

After 5 years of silence Mr. EbVleB restarted activities with his deepest ideas, emotions, and feelings to create again a  new opus, trying to find something more elaborated and spiritual beyond the music.

“The Euphonies” MMXI

In 2011 Nigromante experienced a serious musical moment and created “The Euphonies”, an opus in 4 chapters. A magnificent work with a lot of progressive rhythms which dance between every musical layer of sounds. Read more...


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