NonMiPiaceIlCirco - Mantra Marx - SD-099


Akustischer Ambient from China

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NonMiPiaceIlCirco! (which translates into IDontLikeTheCircus!) is a project from Matteo Preabianca, an Italian musician with loads of degrees in linguistics. Having worked all over the globe, as a teacher in schools, universities and linguistic institutes, he still found the time to play around with many instruments. Not only is he a multi-linguist, he is also a multi-instrumentalist...

His lates record, Marx Mantra, is a conceptual record, a mash up between communistic literature and hinduism, as strange as this may sound for now.

Matteo (voice, many instruments including Tibetian bells, guqin, pipe, keyboards and even furniture as well as field recordings) collaborated for this record with Zhan Qi Lu (background voices, Guzheng, Erhu) and Liang SiQi (drum machine, taping). They used 25 different mandarin speakers to have them speak a summarisation of the 25 first chapters of Marx 'The Capital' in a mantra-esque style. All these voice samples, who are sounding as if they were aired through an old and eerie transistor radio, are accommodated by LoFi drone sounds, faint echoes of choirs, indochinese tribal percussions and chimes, suppressed and vanishing melodies of a plethora of instruments and even some weird beatbox sounding drums are programmed into this.

Hence they do create this strange symbiosys of old political lectures, the currently indoctrinated Chinese youth and a giant religion, hinduism. Read more...


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