Raymond Cobley - Microdrone - SD-110


Drones from the United Kingdom

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Raymond Cobley - Microdrone - SD-110 is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License..

A new year, a new release. We hope you had a pleasant transition and have been able to implement your resolutions well so far. Raymond Cobley introduces 2021 in style with “Microdrone”: This combination of four different drone structures impresses with its minimalism and dynamic stereo effects.

The tracks are each 20-30 minutes long and the various elements move dynamically through the stereo image within predetermined limits and parameters. This creates a deep and sterile mood, the motto is to “feel instead of listen”. Subtle white noise elements lay the foundation, while microtonal frequencies steadily swell up and down. The frequencies are also modified slightly over time, making them more organic.

Raymond Cobley creates microcosms that exist within themselves. In this way, the few elements can develop better and they gain greater importance in the overall picture.

Listeners who enjoy experimental approaches and sounds will definitely be satisfied with this record. Read more...




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