SD-107 - P.U.M.A. - Astrologie


Ambient music from Italy

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The lockdown is making a comeback this winter and the world is still upside down, which is why we at Spheredelic increasingly feel the need to dive into other worlds to escape the chaos.

 P.U.M.A.'s new album Astrologie is the ticket for a journey to such a world and its nomadic and technologized desert tribes. The Italian artist creates a mixture of sci-fi atmosphere and oriental mysticism using ambient soundscapes.

 It feels like sitting with these strange creatures by the fire under a starry sky while they play music and sing ritualistic chants. Sometimes they play the drums or guitar and pan flute. These desert inhabitants are by no means primitive. All kinds of advanced equipment help them survive in the harsh environment of this seemingly endless desert. They have huge robots that transport luggage, warmth generators for the cold nights and shields for the brutal heat of the day.

 Everything is humming humming and beeping throughout the night. Each of these evenings by the warming fire is celebrated, as it could be their last. When the first sun rises, the desert runners are started, the tents packed and the tracks of these endless wanderers get lost in the sand. Read more...




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