Solomon Keys - Salamandra - SD-080


Great experimental experience from St. Petersburg

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It’s the end of July - time for the summer!? At least in Kiel sunshine and beautiful weather are missed. It is cloudy and rainy. Maybe we can hope for a warm late summer...

Despite the weather we present you 80th release of Spheredelic. The album titled "Salmandra" is very special, because the pseudonym "Solomon Keys" is tied with a special story: Konstantin can only move his head. But with his head he is using a computer to interact with his environment. The music has sprung from the artist's mind in a very direct way.

The result is a dark mix of overpasses and overloads. A must for Noise-fans! Konstantin’s musical predilection applies to wielding surfaces, strongly distorted noises and various effects that are in symbiosis with each other. The music maybe is a little difficult for some listeners. But if you listen attentively, you will find that Konstantin is very keen to breathe life into the computer. It seems as if the machine dares to dream in a restless half-sleep. Read more...


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01 - Alien

02 - Salamandra

03 - Keys 1

04 - Keys 2

05 - Keys 3

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