Somnambule - Sleepassive - SD-101


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Keine Abbildung zugeordnet

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Starting into the new year 2020 the Spheredelic team has only one resolution: to keep on delivering new music to you! You want to listen to some music that's neither commercial, using the same samples as everyone else, autotune nor made for the sake of the artist? And instead you want more experimental sounds in alternative arrangements, thought-out concept records and other musical specialities? In this case just stick with us, cause Spheredelic hasn't released anything else in the last decade. And also will all our releases still be under the creative commons license. We just want to share good music with you! This has been Asana's goal since he founded this netlabel over ten years ago.

Well, Asana isn't only searching, finding and releasing all this contemporary music, he himself is an artist since his teenage years, be it as a guitarist in punk bands, spinning plates as an Dj for a plethora of electronic music since over twenty years. But at some point just djing wasn't enough for him, so he started to incorporate live instruments into his sets, so soon he used a keyboard swell, different synthesizers, drum pad and more. Currently his focus shifted to analog and modular synthesizers.

And henceforth our latest release, the 101st, is by none other than the label chef himself, starting the next round of a hundred releases at Spheredelic.

 „Sleepassive“ is the name of his now fourth record, Somnambule is his artist alias. This record is filled with 19 track of finest analog synthesizer music, well double record to be honest, cause the runtime totals to a bit over 2h20m! Not only this will be a pleasant surprise for the listener, but also the genre. Cause if you've heard older releases by Somnambule, you'd expect some atmospheric drones or ambient soundscapes, the more chill and relaxing music for active listeners. But Somnambule expanded and evolved his style, the once chilled explorer of his inner soundscapes has awaken, getting up from his slumber and picking up speed and motion whilst doing so. Wobbly bass lines, sawtooth arpeggios and a forward pushing beat are now steady encounters in his new music, giving a new shape to Asana's latest entries in his repertoire. Of course this new music is, as it used to be, filled with melodic elements and sound fragments here and there, he still creates a sound carpet with it. Though this new carpet is now made to be danced upon and not as previously, to just lay down on it, drifting away in the engulfing music...Another aspect of the album is that all tracks were recorded live as „one track recording“ in the OutaBed studio, so everything without any overdubs;-) Read more...



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