Spheredelic - Compilation - 100 - SD-100


The 100th release from our Label
Keine Abbildung zugeordnet

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Spheredelic - Compilation - 100 - SD-100 is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License..

The 100th release!

And due to this celebratory occasion you, our devoted listeners, will receive this musical gift of ours, a cross section of our portfolio, a potpourri of many styles and genres. Over 17 brand new tracks are yours for free download. And as one would have expected from Spheredelic, the musical scope of this compilation ranges from melodic piano tracks to drone-ambient to playful IDM up to some weird soundscapes and then some more!
Enjoy yourselves listening to the sound of Spheredelic!

Last but not least, we at Spheredelic also want to give shoutouts and thanks!

Thanks to all the listeners, wether new one or devoted followers since years, from every corner of the world, thank you! According to our statistics, you actually do come from all around the globe, be it Brasil, japan or russia. Music unites :-)

Thanks to all the gifted musicians who entrusted us with their music, be it as a digital release or played as a gig during one of our concert shows, thank you!
Thank you to all the people that are (or were) working for Spheredelic, who helped to shape this label into what it is today! Read more...


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01 - Somnambule - Surrounded By Chemicals

02 - Binge Eating Kundalin - Sabbathad

03 - Devas - New Beginning

04 - Christian Fiesel - A Carnival Dance

05 - DR - Xue Ya

06 - Exthausiva - Water Healing Entity

07 - Superalma Project - INTERNET-2021

08 - Thlaaflaa - Nothing Is About To Occur

09 - Fake Plastic Heads - Rays Threads Strings Soundwaveswav

10 - Lutz Thuns - Natural Cycles

11 - Nigromante - Purificacion Energetica

12 - Francesco Torelli - in other words, nothing

13 - Saint De L'Abime - Swim With A Woolf (Virgin i aM-Mix)

14 - Fabio Keiner - psalm19

15 - [ówt krì] - Blossoms

16 - Jared Sagar - Elipsis Sh

17 - The Cherry Blues Project - Cosmos

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