Spheredelic Compilation 2 - Spheredelic Places - SDUSB-001


Our first physical release.

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Spheredelic Compilation 2 - Spheredelic Places - SDUSB-001 is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License..

Hi Folks,

today we send you still-winter-greetings from the north of Germany. Without the right clothing in our beautiful Kiel is going nothing - we still wear caps and scarves - but the temperatures slowly climb back to a tolerable level. We for our part hope for an early and especially beautiful spring.

Suitable for the awakening nature, we are very pleased to present our long-awaited USB release. At this point it should be explicitly pointed out that the revenue flows back completely into the label. We place great emphasis on this! With an order you only support the label and the artists. If you are interested in one of our USB sticks, do not hesitate with your order, because currently the sticks are limited to 170 exemplars.

The scope of delivery includes the USB stick, a branded aluminum box and a nice and informative folder with a note of thanks. The compilation (SDUSB-001) is stored exclusively for our customers in brilliant WAV (16 Bit), but also in MP3-format (320 kbit/s). The music genre comprises mainly of ​​ambient, avantgarde and experimental music was exclusive conceived, composed and provided by 22 artists of different nationalities. Our goal was to offer the listener an all round look from five years Spheredelic.

Our heartfelt thanks go to all the artists who have made a milestone such as this with their musical work. We would like to thank all visitors and supporters of our website and our label. Special thanks go to Marc Olke, who has done the graphical design of the artwork. We are glad for all response, and hope that you'll enjoy this release.

To own one of our jewels, just order now here. We count on your your orders and wish you lots of fun.


Your Team of Spheredelic


 15,-€/Stick and 5,-€ packaging and shipping fee



01 - Somnambule - Come My Fanatics (2nd Gathering)
02 - Jean Blanc - Blood
03 - Kaetsu Takahashi - Flowlight
04 - Christian Fiesel - Returning From The Spheres (Out Of The Spheres VIII)
05 - Kindaska(KNA) - 7.409.10.1637
06 - Daniel Lambert - Cabowkee
07 - Dyb-Caught in the darkness
08 - Fabio Keiner - Aura
09 - Fake Plastic Heads - As Close As You Will Get
10 - Hayk Ispiryan - Nostalgie
11 - DR - 22_02_2016
12 - Gastón Massenzio - Invierno Invierno de extinción
13 - Lutz Thuns - Forgotten Dreams
14 - Nikea Bustla - Atomic Cafe
15 - Owtkri - our glorified existence
16 - Mark Hjorthoy - Innocent Madman
17 - Markus Masuhr - The Deep Silence From The Saturn
18 - Thlaaflaa - Staring Into The Ceiling
19 - Thomas Rehnert - Blubba
20 - Ujjaya - Cana's Wedding
21 - Revolutronic - Beige Humps
22 - DEVAS - Golden October

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