Superalma Project - Non Genesis - SD-086


Ambient for apocalypse

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With 'Non-Genesis', we at spheredelic are proud to release the second record by Superalma Project in this year.

This release has a specific narrative to tell, a counterpart to the biblical story of creation of all mankind, the genesis. In our modern world, where someone like Trump gets elected President, where the Alt-Right movement is gaining popularity, where innocent people have to suffer under religious terrorism, we need some kind of new beginning, a Anti-Genesis or Non-Genesis, cleansing the whole world. Fitting to this theme are also the titles of this two-part LP, 'The Self-Disembowelment of God' aswell as 'The Skies Above Declare the Death of God's Purpose for Mankind', having thematical and a bit musical similarities to TOOLs ∆nema.

So, how does this latest release by Igor Almeida, the mastermind behind Superalma Project, actually sound? The first part starts with calm, melancholic sounds, after a while dark noises in the background join in, some of them resembling distorted voices of angels. These gain more and more dominance in this soundscape, till a gritty bass and synthesizer transform this into some endtime is coming' hymn, which soon dissolves again into artifacts of noises, the aforementioned voices of angels and some strange organ from beyond. Then even more noise and unintelligible voices deconstruct this first part even further, with a gloomy beat telling the story of the complete annihilation of any benevolent deity. Read more...


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