The Cherry Blues Project - Roman Tate Selections SD-088


Experimental-Ambient Audio Drama From Buenos Aires

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The album "In Memory of Roman Tate: Selections" is about the diaries of the fictional journalist "Roman Tate". The listener accompanies Roman on his excursions to the criminal underworld of Buenos Aires in the 1970s. The story is prepared purely musically and comes without narrative means.


There are impressions of dark alleys in which the danger is always lurking. We descend in bad descents, smoke-filled bars and take the train to get around. A jumble of different impressions swirls over us. The environment loses its contours and a threatening character emerges. There is no beginning and no end. There's just the endless stream of the nocturnal metropolis.


The album was conceived and realized by the Argentine combo "The Cherry Blues Project". The album is a selection of an original three-part album with the same theme. TCBP was formed in 2001. Since then more than 120 albums and 300 singles have been released. Since 2007 they are also represented on well-known netlabels. According to the artists, the current publication is one of the best works to date and clearly reflects their current work. Read more...

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