V.A. - Edgar Froese - Special Tribute - Vol.2 - SD-041


The second part of the tribute with a playtime over 155 minutes!

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V.A. - Edgar Froese - Special Tribute - Vol.2 - SD-041 is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License..

In July Spheredelic presents the second part of the Edgar Froese compilation, entitled VA - Edgar Froese - Special Tribute - Vol. 2. The compilation was created in honor of the deceased, German musician, composer, actor and artist Edgar Froese. 

Initiative has been launched by Christian Fiesel aka FZK Wolf. On this Compilation 11 artists from around the world, who made a musical contribution in honor of Edgar Froese, are represented. 

On Vol. 2, you can listen to nostalgic and timeless ambient soundscapes, with a playing time of 155 minutes! Read more...


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01. Phrozenlight - For Edgar
02. Tim Kays - Speaking in Froese
03. Cousin Silas - Subatomic Oceans
04. REALTIME - Back To Basics (dedicated to EF)
05. Helicon Wave - Ewigkeit (for Edgar Froese)
06. Paul Nicholson - Space (For Edgar)
07. David Gerard - Scattered Frequencies (For Edgar Froese)
08. Kuutana - Ion Storm on Jupiter Station
09. Christian Fiesel - New Cosmic Adress (Tribute To EF)
10. Rocco Mueller - Andalusien Steps 2015 - Pt. 10
11. Kellerkind Berlin - Phase REM

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