Yoko Absorbing - Realism - SD-113


Experimental music from Russia

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Spheredelic is back! We wrap up this chaotic May with even more chaos today. Get ready for hypnotic beats, dark atmospheres and a pinch of madness ...

 "Yoko Absorbing" is an industrial project from Russia, created by Evgenij Kharitonov and Mikhail Lezin. On their new long player "Realism" you can hear a wide range of different genres and experimental sounds.

 Downtempo, jazz, ambient, experimental and industrial mingle to form dense soundscapes that never get boring due to the creative production.

 The two artists work a lot with unusual drum rhythms and psychedelic synthesizer sounds, which keep moving through distortion and delays. Many tracks are reminiscent of jazz improvisation but instead of a piano, ambient pads and soundbites are being played. The drums are sometimes choppy and technical, on other tracks they are groovy and supported by various bongos and percussions. In addition, a bass guitar sometimes sets in, which puts a funky cherry on top of the whole thing.

 The sound aesthetics are consistent, but the individual tracks are selfcontained works that are sometimes 15 minutes long. However, the moods that are created often differ greatly from one another. There are tracks that sound deep and euphoric, then there are tracks that are dark and industrial. The spectrum of sounds is broad but never inconsistent.

 The album thrives on experimentation, creativity and a bit of insanity. It offers fans of these qualities an extensive and inspiring experience. Read more...


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