Spheredelic presents in the Video-category a brand new video to Somnabule´s track “Oneiroi”.

Melodia Castillo (WomanElectroSounds) comes up with a fascinating visual interpretation of A.R. Funkhauser´s composition.She traverses the African world with all its facets. She lingers over colour manipulated shots of the desert with treks of camels at a leisurely pace. Next moment she lets urban culture´s fever flash up in a breathtaking tempo. The pictures´ dramaturgy is perfectly adapted to the music´s rhythmics. Melodia Castillo works with slow motion, time lapse, freeze images and cross fadings so sensitively, thus sound and picture melt into a narrative unity. This way a postmodern vision of Afrika arises - creating an astonishingly exotic perspective on every day life.


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