On our third compilation in honor of Edgar Froese Peter Irock contributed the song "Thank you Edgar." He recently released a new album. At this point we would like to recommend and introduce you to "Horizon".

"Horizon" is old school electronic music. The instruments that are used are used in Peter Irock were already used by the old masters like Tangerine Dream, Jean-Michel Jarre and Vangelis and if you love their sounds you`ll like his, too

The special feature of "Horizon" are the guest appearances of musicians who are otherwise to be found in other areas of music. In three of the five songs outstanding guest musicians are playing,saxophone, flute and electric guitar. However, the most unusual appearance has a soprano. For us, the clear highlight! The complete work is, however, not put in the shade by this, but it evaluates the already outstanding compositions a lot.

We think the Album is an outstanding piece of music and we had a lot of fun while listening want you to enjoy it, also. For some of our visitors of our small retro trip it should certainly be worth a lot.

Here is the iTunes Download

And here a video teaser for the album


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