Today's release is dedicated to all those who spend the 13th Friday of a month in fear of the great misfortune. We want to reassure you. Although the suffering of general parascavedecatriaphobia as a neurotic disorder can be taken seriously, the great misfortune cannot be reduced to a single Friday. We assume that the great misfortune is spread out over all 365 days of the year in optimum proportions.

The good news is that we spend these memorable Fridays together. Since the blame for the great misfortune lies with each of us in just one seven billionth part, a 13th Friday can be ideally used to remember the paradox of salvation. If shared suffering is half suffering, then there is hope.

Warahraan "is a Persian project and was founded in early 2008. The project was inspired by the immensity and grandeur of the nature and cosmos. The word "Warahraan" originates from the ancient Persian language and means "victory and conquest".

In the publication "Living In A Far Dream", the traditional instrument "Ney" was focused above all, an oriental long flute. It was recorded by "Amir Abbas Gholami". Ghaderieh Sufis "from Kurdistan lent her voice to sing.

Surface sounds contribute to a positive and hopeful mood. The music promotes a basic meditative mood and leads to transcendent states of consciousness.

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Warahraan Cover


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