The year 2017 draws closer to its end, but not the catalogue of our free releases! This time, we are pleased to welcome Accent Aigu with yet another release, called 'Not Yet', on our netlabel Spheredelic. The project Accent Aigu has been founded in 2011 and is the collaboration of Max Gael Martin (Kazakstan) and Izgina (USA). Since then they have released quite the amount of records and eps on different labels already, having a very broad spectrum of musical genres they cover. If you are keen to read more about their first release on Spheredelic, here is the review of 'Astral Flowers':

#drone #electro #noise #ambient #darkambient #lowercase #fieldrecordings #minimal #triphop #electronic #postnoise #dub #lofi #other #spokenword #ritual #schamanistic #musiqueconcrËte

This collection of hashtags beautifully demonstrates the broad diversity of Accent Aigu's releases and musical affinities. And so is this electronic-experimental record, though one should see it more as a compilation of tracks and snippets over the last three years. But, as the band themselves describe it, they all do follow the same thematical narrative:
"A new adventure in which we go and take you with us, leads us away from the usual earthly milieu, where there is only space, there is nothing habitual, only beautiful views on the orbits of unprecedented worlds. Have a nice trip, here it goes! Let's go!
Are you ready? Not yet?"

 Accent Aigu ist highly productive and a deeper look into their releases is definitely worth it, as there is more to discover than this record might suggest.


Free Download

Accent Aigu Not Yet Cover 1000


Have fun and enjoy yourselves whilst tumbling down this sonical rabbit hole, paths and gates into it can be found here:

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