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Julien A. Lacroix & Humanfobia
Electric Necropolis [A New Epitaph] - SD-081
Spheredelic Compilation 2
Spheredelic Places - SDUSB-001
Solomon Keys
Salamandra - SD-080
Tuhaw - SD-078
Spheredelic - Compilation 2
Spheredelic Places - USB Release
Spheredelic - First Physical Release
Spheredelic Places - SDUSB-001
Jared Sagar
Sonnwave - SD-079
Ajsav Kajrog & Neuf Meuf
Mesopust - SD-077
III - SD-076
The key...for mankind...loving the diversity - SD-075

Breaking News


Dark Ambient Collaboration

The zenith of the year is over and the days are getting shorter. The planets take their orbits and also the earth participates in the dance of the galaxy. For our part we are proud to present our audi...

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Solomon Keys

It’s the end of July - time for the summer!? At least in Kiel sunshine and beautiful weather are missed. It is cloudy and rainy. Maybe we can hope for a warm late summer... Despite the weather we pre...

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Spheredelic On Tour

Spheredelic goes ona festival tour in August. From 04.08. - 06.08.2017 is the Spheredlic Audio Netlabel at the Bachblyten Festival near Husum. Spheredlic provides you with artists from the ambient, c...

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Experimental music from Great Britan

Our first july release goes by the title of „Sonnwave“, the Artist, releasing under his real name, behind this is named Jared Sagar.   In the beginning of his musical endeavors, he focused main...

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Modern classic by Zeffon

The summer is here and we are happy about long days and pleasant temperatures. At the end of June we present you a work whose idea arose in the cold winter months. The inspiration for the project titl...

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Ajsav Kajrog & Neuf Meuf

We at Spheredelic are starting into the month of July with a release from Slovenia. Ajsav Kajrog & Neuf Meuf is the name of this band, originally from Radenci (though if these are the artists real...

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