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The Cherry Blues Project
Roman Tate Selections
Jimmy Watt Abarca
From The Dissection Table To Moderato - SD-087
Spheredelic Compilation 2
Spheredelic Places - SDUSB-001
Spheredelic - Compilation 2
Spheredelic Places - USB Release
Superalma Project
Non Genesis - SD-086
Living In A Far Dream - SD-085
Builders and Scavengers - SD-084
Keikichi Kimishima
A Few Subsequences - SD083
Bledi Boraku
Tha - SD-082
Spheredelic - First Physical Release
Spheredelic Places - SDUSB-001

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Experimental-Ambient Audio Drama

The album "In Memory of Roman Tate: Selections" is about the diaries of the fictional journalist "Roman Tate". The listener accompanies Roman on his excursions to the criminal underworld of Buenos Air...

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40 minutes ambient track from Chile

For our next release on the spheredelic netlabel, we do have once more some electronic soundworks from the Southern Americas. 'From the dissection table / to moderato' ist the title of the record, as ...

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Non Genesis

 "Some say the end is near. Some say we'll see Armageddon soon.I certainly hope we will.I sure could use a vacation from this."TOOL - ∆nema With 'Non-Genesis', we at spheredelic are proud to re...

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Ambient From Persia

Today's release is dedicated to all those who spend the 13th Friday of a month in fear of the great misfortune. We want to reassure you. Although the suffering of general parascavedecatriaphobia as a ...

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News from MiragEarth

In the second half of September, an interstellar transmission reaches us from the depths of the „Scultporgalaxy“. A civilization is calling for help, but it is already too late. An invasive force move...

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Avantgarde from Japan

The first album we present to you in September is titled "A few Subsequences" and was created by the Japanese artist Keikichi Kimishima. It contains three tracks, wich are dedicated to the sound of ce...

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