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Yoko Absorbing
Realism - SD-113
Shellac - SD-112
Road To Desert Trip - SD-111
Raymond Cobley
Microdrone - SD-110
Christian Fiesel
In The Garden Of Decay - SD-109
The Core - SD-108
Astrologie - SD-107
Max Gael Martin
Diving into the vi (sion) - SD-106
Shape Density - SD-105
Art Of Empathy
End Of I - SD-104
Pandemie - SD-103
Limerick - SD-102
Sleepassive - SD-101
Various Artists
Spheredelic Compilation - 100 - SD-100
Mantra Marx - SD-099
Spheredelic - First Physical Release
Spheredelic Places - SDUSB-001

Breaking News


Experimentelles aus Russland (2)

Spheredelic is back! We wrap up this chaotic May with even more chaos today. Get ready for hypnotic beats, dark atmospheres and a pinch of madness ...  "Yoko Absorbing" is an industrial project ...

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Dark ambient from Italy

Spheredelic is back in April and brings you an early surprise from the Easter Bunny. Perk up your ears, it's time for a treat. Giacomo Triglia is an Italian music video director for Sony, Warner and ...

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New release by Exthausiva

Spheredelic ist presenting a new record and the snow melts. Coincidence? We don't think so. Because with the summer warmth that Esteban Cavalieri or Exthausiva radiates on his new album "Road to dese...

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Drones by Raymond Cobley

A new year, a new release. We hope you had a pleasant transition and have been able to implement your resolutions well so far. Raymond Cobley introduces 2021 in style with “Microdrone”: This combinat...

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Christian Fiesel is back

The cursed year of 2020 is finally drawing to a close. Even if the current situation won't be over next year, it feels relieving to have overcome all the hardships this year brought us. We hope you, d...

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News from MiragEarth out of the lockdown

We're reporting back from the second lockdown in the hope that everyone out there is fine and that you haven't fallen victim to the Corona or Christmasstress yet. At this point we wish you a relaxing ...

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