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90 deep black minutes that you're better off taking in with a glass of wine, a joint or something else, rather than expecting classic storylines or staging of the respective protagonists. A hypnotic independent work, a journey through the dark corners of Europe...

Boketto Video

Multi-instrumentalist and philosopher Michael Keith and David Sait on the Guzheng enchant us with their new record "Boketto". The focus here is on the guzheng, a Chinese instrument with 21 strings, for which David even wrote his own vocabulary.

Christian Fiesel - Empty Room

Christian Fiesel (Germany), "Empty Room" from the album "Smile with an Ambience" (2013), Ambient | Experimental | Electronic

Flatten The Curve Livestream Session

"Flatten The Curve" is a containment strategy to slow the spread of the virus and thereby prevent our health system from collapsing. It´s necessary!

Christian Fiesel - After The Flood (Part 1 Silent Surface)

Christian Fiesel (Germany), "Part 1 Silent Surface" from the album "After The Flood" (2013), Drone | Ambient | Experimental


von "Get On Bored!" Dead Master´s Beat 2012

SoftClip - When The Colours Broke

Track Taken From "When The Colours Broke EP" - Written & Produced By Mark Hjorthoy - Released On Spheredelic Netlabel [SD-014] 2013.

Dyb - Estranged (2015 album teaser)

Ep coming soon in December on

Thomas Rehnert – Bass

Audiosynthesizer, Videosynthesizer, Lichtsensoren, Videokamera und Monochord.

Somnambule - The Night Roofwalker - Chpt. II (The Forest Walk)

The release of Somnabule´s "The Nightroofwalker". Two Drones and Soundscapes tracks, all sounds created with a guitar by A.R. Funkhauser. The strings were recorded by "The Sleepless Ensemble". So - have a listen and free download - and go on a trip without moving...

Addicted By The Moon - Somnambule

"Addicted By The Moon" is the new video from Somnambule, an ambient/avantgarde project created by A.R. Funkhauser and the singer Jewel. The soundtrack is the first track from the latest Album "Somniotic".

L´OEil Céleste - Kannezered Noz

L'Œil Céleste is a project born in the end of 2011, created by Zyaama & Naksatra. They consider it as a collective, because its not only a musical project, its a project for every form of expression in a particular but infinite way, and every person that have a similar feeling with things is invited to collaborate.

Somnambule – Nocturnal Invocation (2011)

lateinisch: somnus - der Schlaf - ambulare - wandern unterwegs in der surrealen Welt von Somnambule mit der Musik "Noctural Invocation" aus dem Album "Spheredelic"

Somnambule - Oneiroi

Track Taken From The Album "Somniotic". Written & Produced By André R. Funkhauser

Cosmo Welfare - ZENturio (2012)

Zenmusic and Zenmovie by ZENMUSIC.EU - Fussperspektive, Ambientsound vom Absynth(esizer) mit ein wenig Cajon sowie der darstellenden energetischen Strahlung von Somnambule ergeben ZEN.

Christian Fiesel - Avalanche

Christian Fiesel (Germany), "Avalanche" from the album "Signals For Fire" (2013), Ambient | Soundtrack | Experimental

Christian Fiesel - Construction Time On Lunar Landscape

Christian Fiesel (Germany), "Construction Time On Lunar Landscape" (2013) from the homonymous album, Dark Ambient | Soundtrack

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