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  • 100 Releases in 10 Years

     Once upon a time...

    In a city in the northern part of Germany, Andre R. Asana Funkhauser, decided to start his own creative commons netlabel. A label for some of the more unique music, be it electronic or classical acoustic piano music, the music should be at least alternativ, avantagarde, different than the mainstream. So he gave birth to his label and named it Spheredelic, which is already 10 years old now. But this is not the only milestone he recently achieved with his netlabel, no no, todays release also marks another one:

     The 100th release!

    And due to this celebratory occasion you, our devoted listeners, will receive this musical gift of ours, a cross section of our portfolio, a potpourri of many styles and genres. Over 17 brand new tracks are yours for free download. And as one would have expected from Spheredelic, the musical scope of this compilation ranges from melodic piano tracks to drone-ambient to playful IDM up to some weird soundscapes and then some more!
    Enjoy yourselves listening to the sound of Spheredelic!

     Last but not least, we at Spheredelic also want to give shoutouts and thanks!
    Thanks to all the listeners, wether new one or devoted followers since years, from every corner of the world, thank you! According to our statistics, you actually do come from all around the globe, be it Brasil, japan or russia. Music unites :-)

     Thanks to all the gifted musicians who entrusted us with their music, be it as a digital release or played as a gig during one of our concert shows, thank you!

     Thank you to all the people that are (or were) working for Spheredelic, who helped to shape this label into what it is today!


    Here is the 100th relaese


    Spheredelic 100 Cover

  • Neues aus Brasilien und mehr

     Das Spheredelic Team heißt euch auch im neuen Jahr 2019, in dem wir unser 10 jähriges Bestehen feiern, herzlichst Willkommen und wenn wir schon dabei sind:

     1000 Dank!

     Danke dafür, dass euch unsere Veröffentlichungen gefallen, euer Feedback über unsere Arbeit und dass ihr eure Ohren weiterhin offen haltet für die vielen Künstler, denen wir eine Plattform geben wollen, ihre Kunst fernab vom stumpfen Mainstream zu veröffentlichen. Und somit auch für eure Motivation an uns, weiter zu machen und besser zu werden, vielen Dank dafür!

     Aber es geht ja nicht um uns, und genau deswegen haben wir nach unserem kurzen VÖ-Winterschlaf, für unser musikalisches Menü 2019 schon mal eine kleine Vorspeise vorbereitet...

     Antropofagia ist der Titel dieser EP von Rodrigo Ardais, seine mittlerweile vierte Veröffentlichung, die in seiner Intention 'ein musikalisches Schaubild menschlicher Existenzängste darstellen soll´.

     Zwischen tonal und atonal, spiegelt dieses Album die Eskalation des Menschen über die Zeit wieder, die anthropophagische Metapher benutzend, um den schmerzlichen Individualismus der modernen Zeiten zu zeigen', so beschreibt Andais sein neuestes Werk.

     Selbst höre ich eine oszillierende Jazzgitarre, frei im ihrem Klang und Melodie, elektro-akustisches Hintergrundrauschen durchwoben von primitiven Rhythmen und modernen Beats, neugierige Hi-Hats im Tanz mit erschöpften Blechbläsern und dazu ein Potpourrie an Sprachsamples erschaffen das mentale Bild einer Straßenkneipe, besucht von gescheiterten Individuen, irgendwo in einer riesigen dystopischen Megacity...

     Hier geht´s zum Download


    Ardais antropogagia cover


    Weitere Veröffentlichungen und Infos über Ardais findet ihr hier:


  • News from Brazil and more

    A heartfelt welcome to another year with us, the year we celebrate our 10th anniversary.

     Spheredelic would like to thank you on this occasion:

     1000 Thanks!

     Thanks for liking our releases, for all your feedback and for keeping your ears open towards all the musicians, sharing their non-mainstream art in form of music on our platform. This in return also gives us a lot of motivation to keep going and improving our work, thank you!

     But this news is not about us, so let's continue after this short winterhiatus of ours with the first entry to our 2019 releases.

     The EP called Antropofagia is the fourth record released by brazilian Rodrigo Ardais, which in his own intentions uses `music to represent existential dramas`.

     'Between tonal and atonal, the album makes reference to a painful escalation of man through the ages, using the anthropophagic metaphor to symbolize the poignant human individualism of modern times.' Ardais further describes his latest work.

     During my listening sessions I heard oscillating jazzy guitars, free in form and melody, electro-acoustic backgroundnoises intertwined with primitive rhythms and modern beats, curious hi-hats dancing with exhausted brass and a variety of voicesamples craft the mental image of a rundown music-bar, filled with shattered individuals, somewhere in a huge dystopian megacity...

     Here is the download


    Ardais antropogagia cover


    More information about and releases by Ardais can be found under these links: 


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