BARDO - one man ambient band from Khabarovsk, created by Roman Krasovskii in the far-east of Russia in 2006. The project worked in styles - trance, ambient, dark ambient, noise. Exploring Cthulhu Mythos, ritual, meditative sounds. The project collaborated with russian musicians Halgrath, A.T.M.O.M, Mellow, «‚ÛÍÓÒÔÎÂÚÂÌiˇ, TSMOTS, DMGM, NEBEL, Shadowed Dreams, Interior Disposition. Project uses the original instruments: didgeridoo, gong, dunchen, singing bowls, flat bells, kaval, piano, okarinas and effect processors.

The project is a little bit influenced by music such projects as Apoptose, Robert Rich, Alio Die, vidna Obmana. The project changed its title some times, but the main thing didn't change - melody and synesthesia.

Album "From The Heart Of Kalaallit Nunaat (2015)" is about enigmatic life of Greenland. The creation of the album started after reading Margit Sandemo's saga "Peolpe of Ice" first books, Dan Simmons's "Terror" and personal visions, dreams of cold land

All albums of Bardo

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