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EPiOS re-release

At this point we wish you chill holidays and a happy new year 2023!!! Another year has passed with all its ups and downs, but we still have a release in time for Christmas. This time something very s...

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Music for cold autumn days

Another release on is ready, the 2nd release of the Greek project 'Saint De L'abime' on Spheredelic, which exists since 2009.  After the first release contained 3 tracks, this on...

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NonMiPiacellCirco!“ or „Idon’tLikeTheCir…

Welcome back to another Spheredelic release! Autumn is approaching fast, we hope you can keep yourself warm and cozy at home. „NonMiPiacellCirco!“ or „Idon’tLikeTheCircus!“ is a two person music proj...

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In Aeternum

Spheredelic is back! With the existing drought, our new release is perfect, because it triggers images of a cloudless rocky desert in my mind. So you can already get used to our futureclimate with it...

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Engaging heat outside, tamed chaos on the ears. Just in time for the start of summer, Spheredelic delivers just the right soundtrack for heated summer nights: technoid synthpop dystopias that seem lik...

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Post-rock from Italy

Despite the approaching heat waves - or perhaps even because of them - Spheredelic provides you with a soundtrack for warm, hazy and dreamy spring evenings and nights in May. Sorcieres, the new EP by ...

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Ritual musik and video Release

 Spheredelic starts the month of April with less spring-like sounds: The Legend of the Pakefield Weatch is something for long, dark nights - and brings paranormal vibrations into your room. Colem...

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Marcello23 with a new release

Spheredelic is back and commemorates the new year with cosmic-spherical, yet danceable sounds in its hand luggage!  Zeitgeist is Marcello23's second release on Spheredelic and takes you into mul...

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Tempus Fugit

Tempus Fugit - time is fleeing. Just as the remaining time until the turn of the year seems to be coming to an end in leaps and bounds and eludes our grasp, so does the new release on Spheredelic pres...

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Music for autumn

Quiet gusts of air rattle the window outside against a cloudy sky - loud hissing of driving wind swells from the loudspeakers at home. With the new release on Spheredelic we bring the dark nostalgic m...

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Experimental from the south

It's time to say goodbye to summer and prepare for the colder seasons. We have the perfect company for stormy autumn nights to come. M.D.M.A. originally started as a duo, but after 20 years of s...

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Summer Release

Spheredelic brings you a feast for the ears again, because with us there is no summer slump! Multi-instrumentalist and philosopher Michael Keith and David Sait on the Guzheng enchant us with their ne...

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Darkness Rising Over The Plains

Oops, we probably enjoyed the sun a bit too much and are back with the June release and some sunburns. The wait was worth it, however, because once again we are happy to have Christian Fiesel back on ...

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Experimentelles aus Russland (2)

Spheredelic is back! We wrap up this chaotic May with even more chaos today. Get ready for hypnotic beats, dark atmospheres and a pinch of madness ...  "Yoko Absorbing" is an industrial project ...

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Dark ambient from Italy

Spheredelic is back in April and brings you an early surprise from the Easter Bunny. Perk up your ears, it's time for a treat. Giacomo Triglia is an Italian music video director for Sony, Warner and ...

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New release by Exthausiva

Spheredelic ist presenting a new record and the snow melts. Coincidence? We don't think so. Because with the summer warmth that Esteban Cavalieri or Exthausiva radiates on his new album "Road to dese...

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Drones by Raymond Cobley

A new year, a new release. We hope you had a pleasant transition and have been able to implement your resolutions well so far. Raymond Cobley introduces 2021 in style with “Microdrone”: This combinat...

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Christian Fiesel is back

The cursed year of 2020 is finally drawing to a close. Even if the current situation won't be over next year, it feels relieving to have overcome all the hardships this year brought us. We hope you, d...

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News from MiragEarth out of the lockdown

We're reporting back from the second lockdown in the hope that everyone out there is fine and that you haven't fallen victim to the Corona or Christmasstress yet. At this point we wish you a relaxing ...

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The lockdown is making a comeback this winter and the world is still upside down, which is why we at Spheredelic increasingly feel the need to dive into other worlds to escape the chaos.  P.U.M...

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Max Gael Martin Solo Album

The leaves are parting from the branches and the sun is retreating, autumn has arrived. Our newest release is perfect for upcoming rainy days at home. It is highly recommended to listen to it in a da...

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Drones from Italy

The new Spheredelic release is here to cool us down on the last few warm days of summer. Nicholas Medone, Italian based producer, takes us on a journey to mysterious places using his tape recordings a...

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Neofolk from Belgium

It's a summer filled with questions and a lot of time to to deal with them, so it's good timing that Spheredelic is giving you a little food for thought in the form of "End of I": In his first record...

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Marcello23 and the pandemic album

After a long break, we have another release for you this month. This time an album by Marcello23, brother of the label founder of Spheredelic, André. So, the family united on this label ;-)  Th...

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Experimental from Italy

As the whole world slows down due to these surreal Covid-pandemic, we at Spheredelic don't remain inactive as well. Another release, of course for free as per usual, is in the pipeline, waiting to be ...

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The 4th album by Somnambule

Starting into the new year 2020 the Spheredelic team has only one resolution: to keep on delivering new music to you! You want to listen to some music that's neither commercial, using the same samples...

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100 Releases in 10 Years

 Once upon a time... In a city in the northern part of Germany, Andre R. Asana Funkhauser, decided to start his own creative commons netlabel. A label for some of the more unique music, be it el...

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10 years Spheredelic party

10 years ago we went online with our audio netlabel Spheredelic. Furthermore, we are heading for our 100th release! On this occasion, we want to celebrate the whole thing worthy with you and dance a r...

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Ambient production from China

As our 99th release we are... Wait what, NINETYNINTH? Yeah, you read that properly, Spheredelic is about to break the hundreth-mark in terms of our releases. Maybe a small step for a major record la...

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Izakaya Heartbeat Record Release

Different music styles but one spirit .. Handmaded Records and Spheredelic present the release of Izakaya Heartbeat's new album titled "Subterranean Sunset". The whole thing should be celebrated prop...

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10 years Spheredelic and more ...

After a long and exhausting summer, filled to the brim with festivals, awesome concerts, some vacation for your mind and soul and an actually really hot summer up here at the baltic sea, we are back! ...

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Spheredelic @ Bachblyten Festival 2019

Two established institutions of electronic music from Kiel celebrate their ten-year anniversary. The Bachblyten Festival is celebrating its 10th anniversary and Audio Netlabel Spheredelic celebrates i...

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News from St. Petersburg

Seems like the Easter Bunny did a proper job, because just now we were able to find this well hidden tiny basket, filled with colourful music! For us, for you, well for everyone actually, because it's...

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News from Brazil and more

A heartfelt welcome to another year with us, the year we celebrate our 10th anniversary.  Spheredelic would like to thank you on this occasion:  1000 Thanks!  Thanks for liking our r...

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Spheredelic presents Somnambule feat. th…

Last year in November, the Swedish electronic forge Teenage Engineering released the OP-Z, a pocket-sized multimedia synthesizer. The small company became known with the Pocket Operators and the OP-1...

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Alien Nature & Lutz Thuns

Closing in on this year, we at spheredelic would like to gift you yet another beautiful record. It is called Nocturnus and has been recorded by Lutz Thuns & Alien Nature. Lutz Thuns might sound fa...

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Lettres à une rose

Unfortunately, the sunny days of summer are almost completely gone, and with less and less daylight, winter is coming.   Going with the flow of the seasons, Spheredelic is proudly presenting a ...

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The Celestial Eye

For the heat of this summer Spheredelic is releasing right another ambient record, for you to chill in the shadow of a tree whilst listening to it. This months free record release goes by the title ôS...

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Spheredelic On Bachblyten Festival 2018 …

Also this year is Kiel-born Audio Netlabel Spheredelic, on the Bachblyten Festival, with On Board. Spheredelic will accompany you into the depths of the ocean. As diverse as the ocean is with its inh...

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Yoga Soundtrack

Not only have we reached halftime during this soccer world championship, the year 2018 aswell has passed it first half. Nonetheless, we at spheredelic do not rest, but instead do deliver some fre...

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Somnambule Live At Aubrook

Somnambule will be performing live at the "Ambient & Acoustics Festival", at Aubrook on June 1st, 2018. Somnambule will be presenting his new live set at around 1:00 am. B.Ashra, Devas and S...

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Here we are, again!

After a hiatus during winter, Spheredelic is finally awakening from its slumber and already has some fresh music for you! And as usually, all for free! This time we are publishing the record 'Before ...

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Tape Release Party

 Spheredelic wants to celebrate with you the new release of Superalma Project, on The Spiritual Triangels label. The release is in the form of a tape cassette and is titled "Cura Circum Animum M...

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Creative break

We wish you a healthy and successful year 2018! Perhaps you have already asked yourself where the new release has been? Don't worry! We're just taking a creative break. For 7 years we have continuousl...

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Dark Ambient From Vienna

Christmas is over and the year 2017 will soon be the past. We have a few more days ahead and on Monday we‘ll welcome 2018. We wish you a happy New Year and a great New Year's Eve for the turn of the y...

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News from Accent Aigu

The year 2017 draws closer to its end, but not the catalogue of our free releases! This time, we are pleased to welcome Accent Aigu with yet another release, called 'Not Yet', on our netlabel Spherede...

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Experimental-Ambient Audio Drama

The album "In Memory of Roman Tate: Selections" is about the diaries of the fictional journalist "Roman Tate". The listener accompanies Roman on his excursions to the criminal underworld of Buenos Air...

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40 minutes ambient track from Chile

For our next release on the spheredelic netlabel, we do have once more some electronic soundworks from the Southern Americas. 'From the dissection table / to moderato' ist the title of the record, as ...

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Non Genesis

 "Some say the end is near. Some say we'll see Armageddon soon.I certainly hope we will.I sure could use a vacation from this."TOOL - ∆nema With 'Non-Genesis', we at spheredelic are proud to re...

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Ambient From Persia

Today's release is dedicated to all those who spend the 13th Friday of a month in fear of the great misfortune. We want to reassure you. Although the suffering of general parascavedecatriaphobia as a ...

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News from MiragEarth

In the second half of September, an interstellar transmission reaches us from the depths of the „Scultporgalaxy“. A civilization is calling for help, but it is already too late. An invasive force move...

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Avantgarde from Japan

The first album we present to you in September is titled "A few Subsequences" and was created by the Japanese artist Keikichi Kimishima. It contains three tracks, wich are dedicated to the sound of ce...

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Ambient crossover

The festival season has given us some great gigs with many nice people. Both on the Bachblyten and on the lala-Festvial we received many positive feedback. Thanks a lot for this! In this way, we send ...

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Dark Ambient Collaboration

The zenith of the year is over and the days are getting shorter. The planets take their orbits and also the earth participates in the dance of the galaxy. For our part we are proud to present our audi...

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Solomon Keys

It’s the end of July - time for the summer!? At least in Kiel sunshine and beautiful weather are missed. It is cloudy and rainy. Maybe we can hope for a warm late summer... Despite the weather we pre...

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Spheredelic On Tour

Spheredelic goes ona festival tour in August. From 04.08. - 06.08.2017 is the Spheredlic Audio Netlabel at the Bachblyten Festival near Husum. Spheredlic provides you with artists from the ambient, c...

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Experimental music from Great Britan

Our first july release goes by the title of „Sonnwave“, the Artist, releasing under his real name, behind this is named Jared Sagar.   In the beginning of his musical endeavors, he focused main...

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Modern classic by Zeffon

The summer is here and we are happy about long days and pleasant temperatures. At the end of June we present you a work whose idea arose in the cold winter months. The inspiration for the project titl...

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Ajsav Kajrog & Neuf Meuf

We at Spheredelic are starting into the month of July with a release from Slovenia. Ajsav Kajrog & Neuf Meuf is the name of this band, originally from Radenci (though if these are the artists real...

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Revolutronic are back, again

This Month we present the album „Three“ by Revolutronic. It´s already the band´s third release on Spheredelic. Both members are residents of Cologne. They make basically electronic music with additi...

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Sound collagen by IMPULSE

This month we invite you to a journey into the unknown. The album titled "The key ... for humanity ... love diversity" is like an artistic collage in Medley-Style. It leads the listener through a gall...

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Spheredelic Release Party

  SPHEREDELIC will be celebrating the release of our first physical release in the form of a USB stick, at the Medusahof on April 29, Celebrate with us! Spheredelic is a netlabel for ambient, a...

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 End of april is coming closer, spring aswell and so is also the next release on spheredelic incoming. This time around we do have an EP from the young artist Omar Marco Ghanem, 22, born in italy...

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Dark Easter Drones

Spheredelic´s first release in April is the self titled live album by Yonic South who are going to perform a concert at the Spheredelic Release Party on 29.04.17. Yonic South is a duo, the members ar...

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Superalma Project is back

This month we from Spheredelic are happy to announce a new release by Superalma Project, whom already proved there huge musicality at the last party/concert hosted by Spheredelic. The not so very shor...

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"Echos" by Johnny Golden

„Echoes“ by Johnny Golden ist the next release on Spheredelic. Hannes Hanke alias Johnny Golden, living in the city of Kiel, is making music since his childhood, starting at the age of 14 with being ...

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First Physical Release

Hi Folks, today we send you still-winter-greetings from the north of Germany. Without the right clothing in our beautiful Kiel is going nothing - we still wear caps and scarves - but the temperatures...

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Archeological Finds Of A Soul

Matching the cold and grey season, Spheredelics next release is a recording by Massimo Brazzini, an otherwise colourful and curious man from Italy. And the music doesn't match the winter because it in...

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Kurgan Hors

Dear Listeners, the winter keeps northern Germany under strength control. The thermometer has been constantly around the freezing point for weeks. Most of the time, we are concerned with keeping the ...

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Shock Of Daylight

For the end of this month we would love to present to you the "Verschollene EP" by Shock of Daylight. "Verschollene EP" is the latest release from London-based producer Shock of Daylight. Shock of Da...

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Hey Folks! All of you a chilling year 2017! In the beginning of the new year we present you a unusual album, out of the deep from the underground. The release with the title "Neverman" is no traditio...

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Fabio Keiner - Psalm 22

This year´s last edition is the album „Psalm 22“ by Fabio Keiner. It´s his second release on our label. As already presented on his 2015 album release „Zayin“, he follows the red line of dro...

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DR - Zerbrechlich

In this month Spheredelic presents the second album of Dominic Razlaff, alias DR, on our netlabel. The Album with the name "Zerbrechlich" remembers on it's predecessor from the year 2015, but with reg...

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Jakim - Murmurs

This months release stems from our neighbouring country poland. Jakim, the alias of this young independent musician named Mateusz Szymanski, is an artist mostly involved with music for the demo/gamede...

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Electronica from Cairo

This month, Omar El Abd releases his record, titled 'The Quiet Ones', under his alias omrr on the spheredelic label. Omar, born in '82, is currently residing in Cairo, Egypt, is a self tought guitaris...

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Spheredelic presents Superalma Project L…

Organized by the Kultur Kollektiv Gaarden ( aswell as the online record label Spheredelic (, the Medusa Club will host two concerts and the following a...

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Music from the crypt

Another release is ready for release! This time, we have the record 'The Complete Invertcaution' by the greek Band 'Saint De L'abime' for you, but what can one musically expect? ...

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In this Month Spheredelic presents the album "Year: MMXVI" von "Build your house Underground". The album were initiated from Roman Mzharov. Roman is a socialworker in a psycho-neurological internat in...

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Or Matza from Tel Aviv

Our second release in August is the beautiful album “Musica Mundana” by Or Matza. Or Matza was born in 1991 in Tel Aviv, Israel. He studied classical music and piano from the age of 6 and began ...

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Ego Death

"In search of a place, in which the darkness of the past is long forgotten and instead being replaced by learning and growth. In search of endless peace, even though everything around us seems to be s...

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Accent Aigu

The second release in August is the album „Astral Flowers“ by Accent Aigu. Behind the name Accent Aigu hide the musicians Max Gael Martin (Kazahstan) and Izgina (USA). They describe their music as ex...

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Somnambule live @ Klangwirkstoff Records…

Somanmbule live @ the Klangwirkstoff Records 10 years anniversary event. More infos see here...  ...

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MiragEarth from Venezuela

"New findings about mankind’s origins, led by a team of explorers and scientists to an empty ocean on the Big Rock. But empty was a filled word, for an entrance into the insides was also found, a Luna...

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Somnambule&Dubecho Live @ Lala Festi…

Here are some impressions from Somnambule&Dubecho live @ Lala Festival 2016. Photos taken by Patrick Viering.     ...

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Nigromante - Soundtrack From The Crypt

Our second release in July is a double feature including the brand new album “Profundidades” as well as the reissue of the EP “The Euphonies” by Nigromante.All music and ideas by Ebvleb. The picture f...

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Revolutronic are back

In July we present the full length album „105“ - containing11 tracks which follow a strikingly continuous concept. The project revolutronic pursues a course originating in 2013 when we released their ...

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Somnambule&Dubecho live @ Lala Festi…

Somnambule & DubEcho live @ lalafestival 2016 Somnambule was founded in 2006 by A.R.Funkhauser. The music is characterized by spherical, sometimes almost epic soundscapes and melodies that are of...

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Celestial - The Sleep Tape

The second release presented by Spheredelic in June is Celestial - „The Sleep Tape“. As already announced we´ll edit two releases per month from June on. The album charms the listener by pleasant sou...

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Jean Blanc & Nikea Bustla

This month Spheredelic presents a brand new EP called „Perspectives of Prague“ by Jean Blanc Blanc and Nikea Bustla. British producer Jean Blanc lives and creates art in the Czech capital Prague. Nik...

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Superalma Project

This month Spheredelic presents the album "Vigília" by the Superalma Project, a trio from  São Paulo and Belo Horizonte in Brazil.  Luiz Sangiorgio is responsible for guitar, bass and vocals...

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5 Years Ov Spheredelic - Pt. 2

This month we present the second part of the release celebrating our 5th anniversary. At this point a big thanx and commendation to Marc Olke for the brilliant cover art. Thank you for the great suppo...

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Klang Des Atems

Somnambule & Klaus Niendorf presents "Klang Des Atems" live in the St. Markus Church, Oldenburger St. 19 - 25, Kiel @ the "Gaardener Kuturfrühling 2016". Come and enjoy the journey with flutes by ...

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5 Years Ov Spheredelic

The netlabel Spheredelic stands for ambient, avantgarde and experimental music for 5 years now. We can look back at successful years. We had the honour to release an album of our artists almost every ...

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In February Spheredelic is presenting you the album from the Italian music project KNA. The music is very various and covers the musical spectrum of breakbeats, chill and soft techno. In...

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From The Heart Of Kalaallit Nunaat

In the cold month Spheredelic is presenting a production, from the eastern part of Russia, Bardo. "Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn" which translated means: "In his house at R'lyeh ...

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Dyb - Estranged

In December presents you Spheredelic the work "Estranged" from Dyb. The album includes three songs that make you want more. Dyb supplies us in the cold season with celestial sounds, paired with class...

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5 years Spheredelic

5 years ago, on 30 November 2010, Spheredelic was founded as a netlabel in Kiel and stands since then for Ambient, Avantgarde and experimental music. We are proud of each of our artists and each of th...

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Experimental ambient from St. Petersburg

In November Spheredelic presents you the work "An Ocean Of Shadows" by Thlaaflaa. The album is an echo of the St. Petersburg summer 2015 and result of various experiments with ostinato and granular mo...

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Peter Irock - Horizon

On our third compilation in honor of Edgar Froese Peter Irock contributed the song "Thank you Edgar." He recently released a new album. At this point we would like to recommend and introduce you to "H...

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Tribute for Edgar Froese Vol.3

On one and two three is following! In October 2015 Spheredelic presents you another part of the Compilation series to honour Edgar Froese. On account of many inquiries from national and international ...

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Spheredelic 3.0

Hi folks, we are presenting you Spheredelic 3.0! At the End of October 2015 we went online with our new designed Website! The page will appear not only in a new look, technically a lot has changed, t...

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Arkhitekt from Japan

In September Spheredelic presents the EP „Vermillion“ by Arkhitekt. The Japanese project Arkhitekt consists of the duo Kaetsu Takahashi and Tia Rungray. Kaetsu Takahashi previously released his ...

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Lutz Thuns - On The Other Side

In August Spheredelic presents the album „On The Other Side“ by Lutz Thuns. The Cover art created by the Vienna artist Kuki Walsch. Lutz Thuns was born 1958 in Berlin. He has devoted himself to elect...

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Nikea Bustla - Tomorrow´s Transmissions

In July Spheredelic presents the album „Tomorrow´s Transmissions“ by Nikea Bustla.The cover art and design was created by the Australian artist Daniel Lambert. Nikea Bustla has matured.  Well ov...

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Tribute for Edgar Froese Vol.2

In July Spheredelic presents the second part of the Edgar Froese compilation, entitled VA - Edgar Froese - Special Tribute - Vol. 2. The compilation was created in honor of the deceased, German musici...

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Special Tribut for Edgar Froese

In May and June Spheredelic presents the double-album „Edgar Froese – Special Tribute“. It arouse in honour to the genius German musician, composer, movie actor and artist Edgar Froese. His fame...

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From July To October

In April Spheredelic presents the EP „From July to October“ by DR. Behind the initials DR stands the artist Dominic Razlaff from Braunschweig (D). The ambient musician (born 1982) uses synthesiz...

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Fabio Keiner - Zayin

In March Spheredelic presents the album „Zayin“ by Fabio Keiner. Fabio Keiner is a Vienna (AT) based multi-media artist. He is open minded towards Prague (CZ) and Munich (D) as well. He uses VST-plug...

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Psychotikum & Somnambule

Separated Beats, a Division of Klangwirkstoff Records present: Psychotikum & Somnambule - Bring The New Dawn Style: Dark Pop Ambient | Industrial | Electronic Music | Gothic | Ambient | Pop Ambie...

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Gastón Massenzio - Las Formas from argen…

In February Spheredelic presents the EP „Las Formas“ by the Argentinian artist Gastón Massenzio. Gastón Massenzio was born in La Plata (Buenos Aires, Argentina) in 1983. He had several bands of diffe...

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Spheredelic Goes Dancefloor Pt. VI

In the year´s coldest month Spheredelic once again presents hot, ecstatic rhythms in electronic dance music - in order to make you seriously sweat. Come along to our sweat lodge at Medusa where the h...

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In February Spheredelic presents the EP „Planet Atmosphere“ by Southdip. It is accompanied by a fascinating video clip of the title track. Southdip is the electronic project of the Zlin (CZ) based ar...

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Towards the end of the year Spheredelic presents the release of Ujjaya´s album „De-Retour“. Behind the project name Ujjaya is the Paris (France) based artist Randriambololona for whom ambient music i...

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Give away

Spheredelic wish to thanx all of you, for your support of the last three years. We have for you a little give away: The Album "Somniotic" by Somnambule is now for free download. We wish you chilling...

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Xtreme Couching Chill

This year there has been a lot of events which made you dance. It´s time to celebrate the year´s end with chill. The audio netlabel Spheredelic presents on December the 20th an ambient-chillout event ...

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Sabachthani from Japan

We are proud to release this month a furhter marvelous production from Japan with with  heavenly sounds... Sabachthani is a solo project by Kaetsu Takahashi, a composer guitarist from Japan.&nbs...

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Spheredelic Goes Dancefloor Pt. IV

Despite the cold season Spheredelic presents the „Dance Till You Drop“ event. In order to stir you up – there are the heatmasters on the decks: Mr. FlicPh!l Phon!cAsana This is the last „Dance Till ...

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New Music by Thomas Rehnert and Gerhard …

Spheredelic presents New Music by Thomas Rehnert and Gerhard Uebele. Thomas Rehnert (drums) and Gerhard Uebele (violin) played for the first time as a duo at Berlin´s clubs in the mid-nineties. Here...

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Spheredelic in vivid colours

Spheredelic – now in vivid colours. Spheredelic presents its new look. Some colours have been added to the netlabel´s visual apperance. We hope you like it! Please write us your opinion about the new...

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Spheredelic Goes Dancefloor Pt. III

Spheredelic invites you, at Oktober the 18th,  to "Medusa" again. At this evening and morning you´ll hear fat techno beats;--) Behind the decks are. *Tiffy  Brutal *Gehörmasseur *Asana ...

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Nikea Bustla & Friends

Spheredelic presents this month the EP "Plaidz" by Nikea Bustla & Friends. Cover art & design was created by Mark Drifter. Nikea Bustla is building a reputation as one of the more progressive...

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Dance Till You Drop

Spheredelic Goes Dancefloor presents the second “Dance Till You Drop“- event. The first event was substantial, so we are glad to invite you once again in order to make you sweat. Techno at its best w...

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Devas&Somnambule @ Rendsburger Herbs…

Devas&Somnambule play live on the "Rendburger Herbst" Festival. Come and see the new live set, this friday (29.08.), 8pm, on the Xenos stage (Stadtseegelände). Don´t miss their new show and come t...

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New masterpiece by Black Oil Documents

The newest release of Black Oil Documents was created winter 2013/2014 and was inspired by the muddy wheater of northern Germany. Black Oil Documents are  Marko Hupel (The Nikki Grace Experience...

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Spheredelic goes dancefloor

On 09.08.2014 Spheredelic presents a techno party  in the newly reconstructed Medusa. Medusa has been enlarged in order to provide more space for the dancing crowd – giving it more opportunity to...

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Release from Japan

Spheredelic presents its 30th realease: "The Sea Saw Me" - an album by the Japanese artist Madoka (Tokyo). The cover art was created by Saki Nakazoto. The 6 track album unfolds a perfect fusion of El...

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Modern classic by Hayk Ispiryan

Spheredelic presents this month the debut album of the Armenian piano player Hayk Ispiryan. The album  is entitled „Mirage“ and includes 11 compositions by Hayk Ispiryan, puristically and master...

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Videoclip by Melodia Castillo

Spheredelic presents in the Video-category a brand new video to Somnabule´s track “Oneiroi”. Melodia Castillo (WomanElectroSounds) comes up with a fascinating visual interpretation of A.R. Funkhauser...

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Gaardener Culture Days

On 10.05.2014 the annual "Gaardener Kulturtage" (Gaarden Culture Festival) will be hosted in Kiel. The association Tiefenrausch got in touch with the Kleingartenverein Gaarden-Süd (Garden Plot Club of...

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"Das Unaufhörliche" by Black O…

Spheredelic presents "The Nikki Grace Experience" and Christian Fiesel  on the common path of sounds. Black Oil Documenst is a german experimental band, musically between electronic/ ambient mus...

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Nikea Bustla - Mayan

Nikea Bustla's latest album – "Mayan" – is an eery and hypnotic take on electronic psychedelia. Cover art and design was created by the German multi-media artist Charles S. Kuzmanovic. Incorporating ...

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Jean Blanc - My Secret History ep

With "My Secret History", Jean Blanc delivers an EP which is qualified for both the chillout room and the dancefloor. His beats float between big beat, trip hop and drum n bass, lending the four trac...

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[ÓWT KRI] - Sounds Of Liquid

Spheredelic presents a new publication with [ÓWT KRI] from Finland. The album of [ÓWT KRI] "Sound of Liquid" breaks with all norms of the today's high definition sounds standards. But exactl...

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Clouds Remixed with bonus track

Clouds Remix with additional track. The Clouds Remixed ep is complemented with an additional track. The eighth track on the ep, made by Mark Hijorthoy. He took the track "Descinon" and created  a...

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24th release to the 24th of December

The 24th release from us for you to the 24th of December! At the third years anniversary of Spheredelic comes to the end of Christian Fiesel releases, the album „Signals For Fire“. Additional to the ...

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Christian Fiesel - Construction Time On …

At the third release, of the give away marathon, in December,  comes the album „Construction Time On Lunar Landscape“ and the videoclip, with the eponymous titel, by Christian Fiesel. The Album ...

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Christian Fiesel - Smile With An Ambienc…

And it´s goes on with the Spheredelic "Thank-You-Releases" of the three years anniversary! This week will be released the album „Smile With An Ambience“ and a videoclip, for the track „Empty Room“ by...

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Christian Fiesel - After The Flood

At the third annviversary of Spheredelic there comes in December four releases by Christian Fiesel. In this week  will be released the album „After The Flood“. „After The Flood“ is a classical e...

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Spheredelic On Air #25

The online radio broadcast  "Spheredelic On Air" presents the last edition, in this year, a dj set by Specta Ciera, out of the mix series "astrangeisolatedplace". The groovy mix represents the wo...

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Three years of Spheredelic

 Spheredelic celebrates its 3rd anniversary and its 20th release. This fact is going to be adequately acclaimed with the release of overall five albums in December. Spheredelic´s 20th release co...

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Nikea Bustla - Clouds Remixed

The album includes 7 remixes by artists from all around the world - reinterpreting the material of Nikea Bustla´s "Clouds" EP. They show the infinite diversity of approaches to electronic music. A tru...

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Nikea Bustla - Clouds

Nikea Bustla presents with "Clouds" his second solo release on Spheredelic. Canadian artist Lara Hjorthoy created the cover art and design. The 5 track EP impresses the listener with the complexity a...

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Fake Plastic Heads Video

Charles S. Kuzmanovic aka Fake Plastic Heads presents his video to his current release on Spheredelic, "Music For Film". In "Untitled Oxygen (Advanced)" he portrays the seemingly endless lashing of ra...

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B. Ashra in the Mix

Beginning with thursday, 10.10.2013, a new Spheredelic On Air broadcast goes on the air on Radio Gaarden, introducing yet another Dj mix by the ambient grandmaster B. Ashra. The mix is recording from ...

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Music For Film

Charles S. Kuzmanovic aka Fake Plastic Heads presents with "Music for Film" his first solo release on Spheredelic. When you listen to his album you get the impression it´s actually a musical version ...

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Video Clip by SoftClip

Under the category "videos", Spheredelic presents a short film accompanying Mark Hjorthoy´s realease: Soft Clip - When The Colours Broke. It shows Melodia Castillo´s congenial interpretation of Mark´...

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L`OEil Céleste - Cosmic Chants

Spheredelic presents its 16th release. This time it´s a French production by L´Oeil Céleste, titled "Cosmic Chants Pt. 1". The album includes 20 minutes long Drones and Soundscapes dragging you into h...

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Spheredelic On Air 23

Beginning with thursday, 22.08.2013, a new Spheredelic On Air-broadcast goes on the air on radio Gaarden, introducing yet another DJ-mix by Nattanadda from Hamburg. It´s titled "B-Line Fi Blow Vol. 2...

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201 Soundsystem from Bristol with City L…

On our netlabel we have the got the fifteenth publication. The EP "City Lights" is presented by 201 Soundsystem. Behind the project 201 sound system stays the brilliant electronics engineer, Mark Dri...

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SoftClip - When The Colours Broke

On our audio netlabel we present a new publication by the canadian musician Mark Hjorthoy. The canadian produced exclusively for Spheredelic an EP, entitled "When the clours broke". Marks Hjorthoy is...

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Spheredelic 2.0

From today Spheredelic is presented in a new design. Our web programmer has put himself in the things properly and gave Spheredelic a health cure all around. The new design seems if in the up-to-date ...

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Devas und Somnambule live en

Devas und Somnambule live The Online Radio Show “Spheredelic  On Air” presents on Saturday 22.06.13, on Radio Gaarden, a live broadcast from the Devas Soundstudio. Devas are  performing tog...

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revolutronic - audio drama mix

revolutronic - audio drama mix.   The audio netlabel Spheredelic presents a new release of the Cologne revolutronic project titled "audio drama mix".revolutronic is a young formation, which sta...

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Thomas Rehnert - Bass (Video) en

Thomas Rehnert - Bass (Video). There is a new experimental videoclip by  Thomas Rehnert on our netlabel. Audio synthesizer, video synthesizer, light sensors, video camera and monochord. The in...

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Daniel Lambert - Twitch Ep en

Daniel Lambert - Twitch. Spheredelic presents a new EP called "Twitch" by Australian musician Daniel Lambert. Daniel Lambert is one of the rising stars in the firmament of Electronica in Australia. ...

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"Ode To AEM"

"Ode To AEM". Spheredelic presents a exclusive publication by experimental musician Chirstian Fiesel, titled "Ode To Aem". Christian Fiesel is an ambient / electronic musician from Trittau, who has ...

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David Nesselhauf - Live Release

David Nesselhauf - Live Release. David Nesselhauf war am 16.09.12 zu Gast beim Online Radiosender Radio Gaarden und spiele ein Live Set zur Spheredelic On Air Radiosendung.Beim Gig kamen ein Contraba...

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The Night Roofwalker

Spheredelic wünscht euch allen ein angenehmes Chillmass und ein chilliges Jahr 2013. Als Special und Dankeschön für euren Support, gibt es eine Veröffentlichung von Somnambule mit Titel "The Night Roo...

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Fake Plastic Heads vs. Nikea Bustla

Fake Plastic Heads vs. Nikea Bustla Charles S. Kuzmanovic aka Fake Plastic Heads (München) und Nikea Bustla (Lübeck) haben sich im Netz getroffen und ihre gemeinsame Liebe zur düsteren Seite der ele...

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Stapellauf der"Barkasse" von X…

Stapellauf der "Barkasse" von Xyramat Spheredelic präsentiert als sechste Veröffentlichung, eine EP der Avantgarde Künstlerin Xyramat, mit dem 42 min. Stück "Barkasse". Der Soundtrack für eine Barkas...

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Album von Nikea Bustla

Neues Album von Nikea Bustla Als fünfte Veröffentlichung auf gibt es ein Album von Nikea Bustla. Einige von Euch kennen vielleicht seine Veröffentlichungen auf Global Vortex Records, ...

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Somnambule mit neuem Album "Somniot…

Somnambule mit neuem Album "Somniotic" Vor knapp einem Jahr veröffentlichte A. R. Funkhauser, zusammen mit der Sängerin Jewel, das Debütalbum „Spheredelic“, als Projekt Somnambule. Nun ist das neue, ...

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Sonophob auf Spheredelic

Sonophob auf Spheredelic Als zweite Veröffentlichung auf Spheredelic, präsentieren uns die zwei Musiker L. Rehfeld (Sequenzer, Gitarre) und A. Reinhardt (Keys, Trompete) als Sonophob ihr neues Album ...

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Das Album Debüt von Somnambule

Das Debüt Album von Somnambule Das Netlabel Spheredelic ist ebenfalls eine Plattform für A.R. Funkhauser eigene Veröffentlichungen. Unter dem Namen Somnambule präsentiert uns Herr Funkhauser in Zusam...

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