Hypnagogue is the project of Nicholas Medone, Italian producer, born in South Tyrol (a small region in northern Italy) in 1991, now based in Turin.

Always deeply passionate about experimental music, in 2017 the idea was born to start publishing his works, the result of various and transversal influences related to the world of electronics, ranging from lowercase, electroacoustics, drone till to techno. His style is the result of the fusion of ambient, drone and noise elements. As far as production is concerned, Nicholas uses the most varied instruments. His setup includes a large number of synths, mainly modular, pedal effects and a wide variety of electronic equipment to produce a wide range of sounds.

There is a strong desire to look for alternative sound sources and for this reason, in addition to synthesizers, he makes extensive use of devices such as environmental recorders and tapes, on which he records drones, field recordings and noise which he then goes on to modify. The use of computers and DAWs is obviously present and fundamental but only concerns the recording of the sounds obtained, equalization and arrangement, as well as the mix and the master

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