Massimo Brazzini

Born in 1965, I don't like bios;-) I need art (poetry, painting, sounds) as a cure. It's a matter of survival. 

The constant mode of my work is improvisation: I don't know where I don't know where I'm going when I begin to paint, writre, made sounds&noises... 'I don't seek, I find' said Picasso! My electronic works are always a 'recherche', a journey through preexisting sounds (mine or not) in search of the ghosts inside: forgotten memories, dark fears, far emotions, inner horizons...

This CD born as an 'impossible collection' of archelogical-sonic finds, like 78rpm or lps or cassettes, coming from the attic of a soul - with their crackles and hisses and obscure melodies and chants and noises... Something spiritual that becames concrete: a sound recording directly from our psyche to our hands...

All albums of Massimo Brazzini

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