Release: 1. December 2020

MiragEarth - The Core SD-108

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We're reporting back from the second lockdown in the hope that everyone out there is fine and that you haven't fallen victim to the Corona or Christmas stress yet. This time we have an old acquaintance with us who last stopped by in 2016 with his "Earthside" release. MiragEarth is back with his new EP "The Core".

Dark soundscapes, overdriven synthesizers and massive sub-basses meld together, creating an immersive sci-fi ambience. The percussions are reminiscent of engine noises and paired with constant synth rhythms it makes it seem as if you are digging deeper and deeper into the earth with a huge machine...

Excerpts from the captain's log of the SD-108 crawler unit: Logbook entry SD-108-01

"We have successfully initiated the descent. All values normal, no worrying deviations. The connection to the surface weakens the deeper we go, but that was to be expected. The temperature and the pressure exerted on the crawler rises from kilometer to kilometer. One can only hope that the eggheads from the science team didn't miscalculate something."

Logbook entry SD-108-02

"Corporal Myers complains of severe headaches and hallucinations. The descent is bothering everyone, symptoms like this were to be expected sooner or later, but this seems a little too early to me. Perhaps we have not considered something? The sound of the crawlers engine has turned into a peculiarly calming rhythm."

Logbook entry SD-108-03

"We did it. Not without any losses; there was an explosion in the engine room that killed Sergeant Johnson and Dr. Kruger. May they rest in peace. We have reached our destination, but we are floating through the dark with no maneuverability whatsoever. Contact with the surface has long since broken off. I am leaving this logbook and all the documents and samples that have been made so far in the hope that one day someone will be mad enough to tackle this ride to hell once more."

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