Release: 15. December 2023

Saint De L'Abime - Spereyed Spear - SD-128

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This year in December there will be eerily beautiful music from “Saint De L’Abime”, who is a well-known face at Spheredelic. His third release on our label has it all: “Sphereyed Spear” is a 45-minute ambient record that is divided into two parts and spans a wide range of genres but manages to remain coherent.
The artist from Greece, who classifies his music as avant-garde, experimental and dark ambient with neoclassical and industrial influences, has hit the dark ambient nail on the head with this release as well.

Introductory high-frequency noise, which then transitions into a wonderfully quirky and progressive symphony, is just the beginning of the album. Demonic vocal samples are layered over organ-like sounds, and later distant operatic songs soaked in reverb can also be glimpsed. At times it becomes industrial, then a little quieter again, but the work always develops and maintains a fantastic arc of suspense. The mood is depressing and unpleasant in a good way and fits perfectly with the cold and gloomy winter days. 

Part two begins with a surprisingly drum-heavy introduction, but the instrumental loop quickly blurs into swampy and orchestral elements. After a final hurrah, the drum loop says goodbye and gives way to synths and a barely detectable bass drum and then transitions into a beautiful ethereal melody that relieves some of the depressing mood and represents a perfect climax for the album. Overall, “Sphereyed Spear” is a melancholic, ominous, beautiful and diverse ambient experience. 

Creative Commons LicenseSaint De L'Abime - Spereyed Spear - SD-128 is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.
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