Somnambule: the evolution of the electronic music project reaches new heights

Somnambule, the electronic music project founded in 2006 by Andre R. Asana Funkhauser, has presented a wide variety of electronic music genres in the past with its diverse live performances. From relaxed ambient and meditative soundscapes to dubby techno and driving tribal tunes at over 140 bpm, Somnambule has consistently thrilled audiences with unique sonic experiences.

In 2023 Somnambule continues his creative journey and presents his new chapter of electronic music. With technoid sounds accompanied by energetic percussion and epic soundscapes, Somnambule takes the audience into his new dimension of electronic music. With over 140 bpm, the speed is increased to put the audience in a trance with an infectious rhythm and ignite their passion for electronic music. Drum machines and various electronic sound generators are used.

Andre R. Asana Funkhauser, the creative mind behind Somnambule, explains, "With each new project, I strive to push the boundaries of electronic music and explore new soundscapes. This year's Somnambule project takes technoid sound to a new level, creating an energetic atmosphere that will engage audiences. I'm excited to share this evolution with the crowd and take them on an unforgettable musical journey."


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