4. April 2024

Dark Ambient Space

We´re excited to announce the "Dark Ambient Space" album a cosmic odyssey by Matthew Lowes. With ten captivating tracks, the album transports listeners into a futuristic world filled with mysterious sounds and atmospheric textures.

The cover art for "Cosmic Odyssey" was created by the artist David Last, perfectly capturing the essence of the album. With its ambient soundscapes, hypnotic rhythms, and expansive melodies, the album evokes the science fiction themes of Dark Ambient Space in a unique way.

Matthew Lowes, a pioneer of the electronic music scene, compiled, composed, and played the album almost entirely live on modular and semi-modular synthesizers. Utilizing primarily instruments from Pittsburgh Modular, Buchla & Tiptop Audio, and Moog, he created a sonic cosmos that takes listeners on an epic journey through the universe.


"With 'Cosmic Odyssey,' I wanted to create an auditory experience that stimulates the imagination of listeners and transports them on a journey through the darkness of outer space," explains Lowes.

The album offers a variety of tracks ranging from dark and mysterious atmospheres to pulsating and energetic sounds. Each track is unique and contributes to the overall experience of "Cosmic Odyssey."

"'Cosmic Odyssey' is an invitation to embark on an auditory journey into space, through the chaos of warps, to distant worlds and alien environments of a dark universe," adds Lowes.

Here is download

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