27. June 2024

Lights Shining Deadly Original Soundtrack

Welcome back to Spheredelic, this time again with an absolute feast for the palate for connoisseurs and lovers of deep and experimental music. For this project you need either good headphones or speakers, a screen and a good red wine or other drugs of your choosing. Have fun.

Chris Mummelthey, usually a death metal vocalist, creates a consistently dark and mystical interpretation of "death" music with his audio-visual project "LIGHTS SHINING DEADLY". His need to break out of genre boundaries is noticeable in this work through an incredible range of sounds and influences, all of which come together under a homogeneous aesthetic of darkness and the macabre.

Ambient, electro, experimental, dungeon synth, industrial, EBM, techno: all of these styles and more come together here. It’s a soundtrack for a movie consisting of edited still shots of abandoned places. From time to time, the artist's thoughts are displayed via text in the film. It is a cold and mysterious journey. For this one, you should sit down, drink a glass of wine and let yourself be drawn deep into another world.

As one commenter under the YouTube video proclaimed: “It's a nice knife blow to the soul.”

Here is the download

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